What's MIT's Acceptance Rate for Undergraduates

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), a most prestigious university worldwide, is well known for innovative research and contribution in technology as well as science domain. Undergraduate admissions are extremely selective, with an acceptance rate of 4.7 percent for the class entering in fall 2018;[12] Technology Review describes it as a "where David goes to school" institution because compared to students at other American universities, MIT undergraduates matriculate having already been ranked number one academically.[13][14].

Overview of Acceptance Rates

MIT Historical Trends: The decade prior, i.e., from 2010 to now MIT's acceptance rate has constantly been low averaging between 6-8%. It's a reflection of the selective process and pool of applicants at this university each year.

Stats for the Current Cycle: This year, MIT admitted only 7.3% of applicants in those who wanted to join the class entering in Fall 2023. That figure was up from a rate of 6.7% the previous year, due to a dip in applications because of global uncertainties but still affirming MIT's selectivity

Criteria for Admission

High scores: You will also be kept to a high standard of academic performance. Median admitted SAT scores often top 1500 and median ACT scores, as a rule, are in the mid-30s.

Holistic Review = Full Picture: Aiming to understand each applicant in the most complete, authentic way possible, MIT calls its process "holistic" because it's a 360-degree view of an application - not just test scores. In this way, they obtain a plural and living student body.

Competitive Edge

Program Reputation: MIT's overall reputation in subjects such as engineering, computer science and physics likely accounts for much of its low admission rate. These three fields all have some of the best programs in the country, and they naturally receive a high volume of top-tier applicants.

The innovative culture: this is the university that has earned a reputation for staying one step ahead when it comes to technology and those students who long to be engaged in pioneering research, but also enterprising developments feel drawn towards such places.

Our Program vs Other Programs

Although they are indeed some of the lowest in America, MIT's acceptance rates fall along with Ivy League proportions such as Harvard and Princeton that flaunt admission percentages below double-digits. By making distinctions at this level, we are presenting these schools as among the largest and most prestigious globally.

Opportunities Beyond MIT

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The undergraduate acceptance rate at MIT is only one of the many ways in which it stands out as an elite academic institution that draws top-notch talent---and asks for nothing but more. MIT is a Mecca of learning - it offers ambitious students ample academic resources, umatched innovation and the chance to rub shoulders with the best in business.

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